The Black Hills (South Dakota and Wyoming)

The Black Hills (South Dakota and Wyoming)

The Black Hills are a mountain range in western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. While it is probably most famous as the site of Mount Rushmore, there are some other remarkable places which I mention below. A trip to this beautiful region is something that everyone should experience at least once.

Mt Rushmore

One of the most iconic places in the United States, Mt Rushmore was carved between 1927 and 1941. The mountain features the faces of four U.S. presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore  Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln) which were chosen to represent U.S. history up to that point. The initial design called for presidents to be depicted from head to waist (you can see part of George Washington's collar) but funding ran out before that ambitious design could be completed.

side profile of George Washington, Mount Rushmore

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park includes one of the longest and most complex cave systems in the world. The caves are particulary know for the boxwork (pictured below) made of thin blades of calcite. Above the surface is a Prime habitat for bison.


Badlands National Park

Located about 1 hour east of Mt Rushmore, Badlands National Park contain colorful geologic formations that are rich with fossils. It is a surreal landscape that contrasts greatly with the surrounding prairie.

Devils Tower (Wyoming)

Devils tower is a butte in the Black Hills that rises at least 1200 feet above the surrounding landscape. It was established in 1906 as the very first national monument.


Deadwood is a town in the Black Hills known for it's Gold Rush era architecture that is preserved as a National Historic Landmark District.

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